Boukou Groove

Boukou Groove
About the Artist: 

With the lively international release of their debut LP in 2012 “A lil’ Boukou in Your Cup” and the 2015 sophomore release "Let The Groove Ride" gives Boukou Groove the ability to maintain a dynamic tour schedule. The band provides audiences with a genre-bending collective, touching on elements of New Orleans style Funk, R&B, Soul and Blues 

Founded on the stage at Tipitinas in NOLA in 2010, Boukou Groove is the brainchild of singer/producer Donnie Sundal and New Orleans guitar luminary Derwin “Big D” Perkins.  Sundal, sharing stages and recording with the likes of Sam Bush, Col.Bruce Hampton and Junior Marvin of The Wailers, creates an infectious blend of energy and enthusiasm as he showcases his multi-octave ranging vocals while sustaining his brand of lavish Moog bass lines.  Big D (Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentleman, Bonnie Raitt and Dr.John) provides his smooth and funky guitar licks largely based on improvisation and feel alone.  Together, no matter what the venue, the band provides their distinguishing style and creates a kinetic environment that’s easily spread throughout the audience.  

As they continue to refine their unique style and build upon the momentum of the release of “A lil’ Boukou in Your Cup" with the 2015 release of "Let The Groove Ride", it promises to be an unprecedented year for the band as they continue to log dates at venues and festivals throughout the globe. 

"Together, these guys make some beautiful funky music that gets you feeling like takin’ it easy at the guru café. A favorite song of the band is “A lil’ Boukou in Your Cup.” Listening to the groovy song you’ll agree that as far as funk goes, “[They] got just what you need, too much is never enough.” The music has a great rhythm and flow to it that can really give you a kinetic energy to your day" -Alex Diaz Dec '14



Features and Festivals 
Relix Magazine 2013 - USAOctober/Nov .included on compilation Cd

Soul Bag Magazine 2013 France - included on compilation Cd 

Brian Hurst Collection 2013 - UK

Blues and Soul Magazine  2013- Japan  New Orleans Feat. Included on Compilation Cd 

Bacon and Music Review : Dec 2014
Emerald Coast Magazine Dec 2014

Downtown Crowd Magazine August 2015 Full Length Live Video "Let The Groove Ride" Nov 2015 2015- Boukou Groove's original "Two To Tango" - "A Lil Boukou In Your Cup" Cd - 516,000+ plays

30A Songwriters Festival 30A Fl 2010 -2015

Bayfest Mobile Al 2013 & 2014

Riverbend Festival Chattanooga Tn 2014

Destin Seafood Festival 2013 2014

Spirit of the Suwannee Disc Jam Series Live Oak Fl 2013

Peter Barakans Live Magic in Japan 2014 and 2015

Blue Note Tokyo 2 Shows Oct 2015

Peter Barakan's Live Magic Extra - Matsue Japan Oct '15 Full Length Live Video "Let The Groove Ride" Nov 2015


Boukou Grooves song "Stay Broke" was voted 2014 Song of The Year by Peter Barakan in Tokyo Japan.