Kristina Murray

About the Artist: 

It’s no secret and it’s been said before: sometimes, you’ve got to leave a place to appreciate that place.  Sure, plenty of Southerners have left the South and returned with something to say; music and literature is peppered with such instances.  It can’t be stressed enough, though, that leaving a place, can create in a person a certain yearning that the word ‘homesick’ could never define; it’s hard to put a finger on it, when you don’t know what it is your hurting from or missing in life. Forget your preconceived notions, though: if you haven’t been there lately, the South is a land as lush in culture, paradox, pride, sweetness and darkness as it is in humidity and kudzu…and it’s constantly evolving.  Kristina Murray’s music, steeped in troubadour storytelling, southern rock grit, and the audible legacies of country queens of yesteryear, wonderfully exemplifies this tension.

Born and raised in the Empire State of the (Dirty) South,  and after an almost six year stint making a unmistakable mark on the Americana and Country music scene in Colorado, Murray returned home to the Southland in 2014, this time to Nashville.  And that yearning for place and identity—the leaving, then rejecting, then painful longing —is exemplified in the voice of this refreshing songwriter, who Country Music People UK calls “quite sensational…the whole package.”  

Murray's late 2013 acclaimed all original debut album, Unravelin’, which the Denver Westword notes as a collection of “eleven tracks [that] reveal a honeyed and spirited vocalist with a distinct style,” Murray is immersed in the Americana and Indie Country scene of Nashville and the greater Southeast, resonating her unmistakable songwriting style and impassioned, honest voice. 

Her forthcoming sophomore LP, to be released in 2018, showcases a writer and vocalist with indelible depth, and a poignant, timely perspective on the current American landscape.