About the Artist: 

It’s your turn to experience a new musical voyage.

Inspired by a range of musical influences and a bond of brotherhood, Laslow was born with the idea that diversity, collaboration and personal experience can create a unique canvas of sound and spirit, passion and hope, and renewal of the senses.

Half-brothers Eli Battles and Drew Thurston grew up with different musical interests, influenced by their surroundings and geography.
Growing up six years apart, Eli and Drew never really set out to be in a band together, nor considered music as a career option. Life, however, had a different set of plans. Music worked as a connecting point between the two brothers, and as their ages became less and less a generational gap, the idea working in collaboration carried on over the years. It took many suggestions – from each other, and other family members – to fully discover what Laslow would become.

For Eli, his musical experiences started early, At the age of 14 he was given his first guitar, an acoustic. " It was just sitting there in the living room, one day, when i arrived home from school; no one was there, just me and this spoke to me".From there, that was pretty much it.” Since then, Eli has been paying homage to some of his many influences - including Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, Ryan Adams, U2, and Bob Marley - while promoting his own brand of storytelling, heavily influenced by his personal experiences and individual passions. 
"I was lucky enough to have been introduced to blues, soul, R&B, folk, country and rock growing up. The beauty of music is that you can make it all your own. That sums up Laslow pretty well." 

Self taught on every instrument, Drew’s passion for music also started early on guitar, but later discovered the bass, and further developed skills as a drummer while playing on the road and working in the studio in various groups over the last 20 years.
“Taking the things we both like, and mixing them together … it’s pretty cool what comes out.”. Drew also considers his influences diverse - including Jaco Pastorius, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, Bjork, and Jeff Buckley.

In the summer of 2010, a convergence occurred, and resulted in their debut album, “A Quality of Light”. 

“How would you describe our music?” Eli asks rhetorically. “Well, if I had to define what Drew and I call our sound, I’d say it’s ‘indie folk pop’. But then again, we’re influenced so much by what’s considered classic, modern or alternative rock - we were lucky enough to be introduced to all kinds of music - it’s hard to say. Besides, what’s in a name, anyway?” 

“We both had so many musical influences growing up - some the same, many different. It’s hard to define what we do, as our inspiration comes from many, many places. But as we continue to grow as musicians and work together and apart, the result has been something unique, and continually exciting for both of us.” 

Laslow asks the listener to decide. “A Quality of Light” presents a listening journey, a colorful palette of rhythms and harmony, with a genuine vibe that feels honest, spirited, and most of all, real. As you’ll hear throughout “A Quality of Light”, both Eli and Drew guide one another throughout, sharing the many experiences they’ve had individually and together.

Currently, Eli and Drew are working through finishing some demos that were started last year, while Drew’s other production ‘LuxJive’ has been undergoing more development.