The Tall Pines

Tall Pines
About the Artist: 

The Tall Pines are a shack-shakin’, foot–stompin’ folk-rock band featuring Connie Lynn Petruk, singing her heart out, playing drums on her alligator skin suitcase, and shaking her tambourine. Her partner Christmas Davis, plays guitar, writes the songs and howls along. The Tall Pines originate from the spirits of the late 1960s and early 1970s Country-Soul, and Swamp-Rock scenes, while working hard to take the sounds they love beyond history and into the next wave of American Music. Their first self-titled album was voted one of the top ten best records of the year by NPR's Meredith Ochs. They’ve performed live with Country music great Charlie Louvin (RIP) at the CMJ music festival, with Norah Jones and Puss N Boots, Justin Townes Earl, Kevn Kinny of Drivn’ and Cryin’, Amy Helm, and many more great folks. They produce a monthly live music series in New York City called The Tall Pines Revue. The Tall Pines were dubbed a buzz band by American Songwriter Magazine for their performances at the 30A Songwriter’s Festival, and they have received critical praise from many blogs and magazines. Their most recent EP – “Fear Is The Devil” – was released in the Fall of 2015. You can stream it HERE. A new release is currently being recorded with Grammy nominated Producer Joel Hamilton at Studio G, Brooklyn. The Tall Pines are on a mission to remind a world increasingly made of concrete, glass and steel that some music still burns like raw timber. 

"Connie Petruk looks like she stepped out of late ’60s/early ’70s Nashville and sings like the lost sister of Bobbie Gentry or Dusty Springfield. Her honeyed alto will melt the frost off your windshield. The Tall Pines are equal parts soul and twang, molasses and moonshine, sass and skill. The songs, all written by Christmas Davis, evoke the heyday of the country-soul hybrid without ever sounding unoriginal, a difficult feat.”
~ Meredith Ochs: NPR

“If a duo ever sounded bigger than its parts, The Tall Pines sound it with undeniable choruses and songs full of intriguing narratives, reflect the 60’s wizardry of The Zombies and the modern biting edge of The Kills. Soul, country, swamp, heartache and neo-blues are just some of the sounds coming off their voices and instruments.” 
Glide Magazine  

“In a world where we are so often overpowered by all that is around us, The Tall Pines strip things back and bring with them, through their music, a much needed reminder that sometimes, simpler is better – it certainly is here.” ~ Popwrapped 

“Given the success enjoyed by bands like The Alabama Shakes and Shovels and Ropes, this deserves to be huge. We can’t give this EP (Fear Is The Devil) any higher praise than confirming that we loved it so much that we immediately asked for more releases to review…” ~ The Soul of a Clown / UK blog

“Allow us to introduce you to The Tall Pines, a shack-shaking, foot stompin’ Americana masterpiece bringing folk back to the heart of the New York boroughs.” ~ East of 8th 

“Connie Lynn Petruk and Christmas Davis deliver gritty yet soulful folk music that gets your hands clapping and your feet stomping. It’s unlike anything else coming out of Brooklyn—or anywhere, for that matter.”
The Shotgun Seat  

“The Civil Wars are certainly civil compared to The Tall Pines. They do not fear to tread where more tender souls would be burned to a crisp.” ~ Amos Perrine: No Depression

Hold on to your preconceptions and prepare for a big and very pleasant surprise. It isn’t that The TPs can’t kick up a little sod with the best of them (“Good Woman”), or that their music isn’t highly Country/Bluegrass influenced (“If The Devil Knows You By Name”) But this band’s music has a big streak of White Stripes wildness running through it. ~ R.A Vintage Guitar Magazine

(The) Tall Pines, a knowing, ass-kicking ’70s Nashville revamp fronted by bodacious Connie Lynn Petruk. ~ Richard Gehr: The Village Voice