About the Artist: 

Deemed "70's Country Rock Revivalists by Pandora Radio," WAGES is a band from Memphis, TN, fronted by siblings Houston and Cyrena Wages. 

Fusing honky tonk edge with wide-open, anthemic melodies and a warmth reminiscent of the 70's Laurel Canyon scene (think Eagles meets Dwight Yoakam), WAGES brings a modern take on a nostalgic sound. Now based in Nashville, the two children of a small town judge elicit an unapologetic thumbprint.

Previously working under the name Friends of Lola, they were the sole country band among the Nashville Scene's "Best Local Band" ranking last year, and they landed a major motion picture placement in 2015's "A Walk in the Woods", starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. After writing and recording various demo projects in town, they are currently writing for their debut record. 

WAGES hosts a monthly residency, "Country Club," at East Nashville's Basement East, showcasing emerging local artists. A "country club where you don't have to wear a tie and ordering a 40 is encouraged." Boasting a feel of "no membership fees", Country Club's aim is to nurture Nashville's unique community of artists by providing the laid-back, good-vibe atmosphere that gave Music City its second lease on being an entertainment hub.