Wyatt Edmondson

About the Artist: 

Wyatt Edmondson (22 years) is an American singer/songwriter from Montgomery, AL. Born into a musical family, Wyatt was encouraged to explore music from an early age. Writing and performing music has been a passion of Wyatt’s since his teenage years, and he spent many weekends as a high school student playing gigs and writing songs. Wyatt also furthered his music studies as a member of the Saint James School Marching Band from 2009-2012. In 2012, Wyatt began studying at Troy University and John M. Long School of Music as a Music Industry major. While studying at Troy, Wyatt released his debut EP Higher Ground on March 20, 2015. From the stage to the studio, his popularity has grown rapidly as a performer, and his latest EP Lovers Lake to be released December 2016, is a testimony to his continued growth and success. Along with his own music, Wyatt enjoys writing, producing, and collaborating with other artists, and has been a part of 6 studio projects (3 as the producer as well as an artist). Although not known by many, Wyatt is visually impaired and was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at age 5; a retinal degenerative disease causing progressive blindness. Despite this, Wyatt continues to excel in his passion for music and live performance, and consistently pushes the envelope for entertainment. For more about Wyatt Edmondson, please visit www.wyattedmondson.com