Max McCann

About the Artist: 

       Max's professional career would begin literally at Zero …. Mile Marker 0 .  Thirty years ago, the southern-most place in the US is where you would have found Max peeling shrimp by day and playing blues at night. It is in Key West that he would craft his skills of writing and performing that would lead to a stream of original songs amounting to five, self-produced full length original recordings including the new release, “30A Amigos”. The album contains songs that range from, promoting freedom of mind and soul to the karma of a four-way blinking light. Written and recorded while living in Santa Rosa Beach, the music described as “Beach Mountain Blues” is the product of , beach and mountain living with a deep respect for blues. All combine to create a soulful blend of fiery, passionate guitar and vocals, highlighted with foot stomping feel good rhythms. McCann's creativity has paved the way for many notable successes, prestigious awards and years of touring Europe and the US, while performing alongside some of the finest musicians. Recent highlights include stand out performances at the International Blues Challenge and again to be a part of the 30A SWF!