Don DiLego

About the Artist: 

Don has released 5 studio albums and 1 full-length score for the motion picture “Ranchero.” His last album, ‘Magnificent Ram A’, (One Little Indian/Velvet Elk) was “DiLego’s Masterpiece” if you are to believe No Depression, and a “Stunner of a record”, if you’re willing to concede that opinion to Paste Magazine. Either way, Don was quite pleased with the album title, which he scribed after his umpteenth trip to The Museum of Natural History, in NYC, where he currently resides, on Avenue C.

Before releasing his last record, he produced albums for Jesse Malin and Hollis Brown, among others, and continues to write with the electro-twang side project Beautiful Small Machines which he started with Bree Sharp after David Duchovny stopped issuing restraining orders on her.

DiLego and Malin started Velvet Elk Records a couple years ago (after their black mold basement studio project flooded out) which released both artists along with the single  “Run Right To You” by Hollis Brown, which Don produced in his studio in the woods that he never mentions the location of for some odd reason. Oh, Don has won several songwriting competitions, including one in Australia (International Song of the Year), where they had dancers on stage as they announced it and they LITERALLY called him from a cell phone on stage back to Boston to accept the award…at 6am his time while he was eating scrambled eggs and the waiter thought he was very strange to be thanking his eggs for some songwriting award. Anyway, you should’ve been there I guess.

Don’s dad had a train station bar when he was growing up in Western Massachusetts and his first record was a 45 of “Rhinestone Cowboy” by Glen Campbell…who he would often mix up with The Lone Ranger, which makes kind of a lot of sense if you think about it. Since then, he has purchased other non-Rhinestone Cowboy related records,  but still pines for the “good ol days” when you could wear “something bejeweled and sparkly” while singing country songs.

In Sept of 2017, Don will release his new single, “Different Man,” an ode to his far East Village neighborhood, on Velvet Elk / One Little Indian…really on the hopes of buying some time to finish his next full length record which he already has the name of but doesn’t know if anyone pays attention to album titles any more. Still, he will obsess over the order of the songs relentlessly nonetheless. Oh, and currently he’s insanely covering a song every single day for a year and posting to his social media sites because what else should he do there, and he’s to prideful to admit that he should’ve just promised “a song a week for a year!” He may have been drunk.

End bio.