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David Childers


Looking back over my life, I consider myself a very lucky person. I have worked a lot of different jobs in my time, and have, both willingly and unwillingly, immersed myself in the stormy seas of life. Like all humans, I have encountered monsters, and soul consuming struggles in daily life that seemed hopeless and pointless; but through it all, I never quit singing; never told my soul to be quiet; never quit praying; never surrendered. Most of all, I never abandoned Love: Love of God, Love of myself, Love of my Neighbor. So when I envisioned this new record, and began writing and learning songs for it, Love was apparent in all the songs that I was drawn to; Love in all its forms; with all its pitfalls and rewards; Love with religion and Love without religion. At 71 years old, I am happy and grateful to still be making records, and playing shows, with people I love and respect. They are all present on this recording, along with some familiar guests, and some surprising ones. Thanks, and yes, Love to all.

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