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Emerson Hart


Emerson Hart, acclaimed songwriter and frontman of Tonic, has returned with a dreamy space cowboy odyssey titled "Past Conversations in Future Rooms". Emerson is known for weaving intricate, personal stories into his lyrics for the band as well as his solo projects. Similarly, the songs on the new EP are a rear view of memories from his life that hold both regret and hope. He says the songs are 6 personal stories set to music where he reflects on and tries to make sense of past experiences. Many of the sounds and instrumentation are drawn from Emerson's youth including synths and guitars. He shares "these songs were born and recorded pre and post-pandemic when we took a hard look at life and where we wanted to go."

As frontman for multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award-nominated alternative rock institution Tonic, he has racked up six Top 10 singles including "If You Could Only See", sold millions of records and toured the world. In addition to his work with Tonic, Emerson is a member of Ezra Ray Hart with longtime friends Kevin Griffin (Better than Ezra) and Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray) where the trio performs songs from their three respective bands.

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