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Garrison Starr


Girl I Used to Be is Starr’s first new music since her 2017 EP What if There is No Destination and first full-length in nearly a decade, it was produced by longtime friend Neilson Hubbard, engineered by Danny Aldredge, and features co-writes with talented young songwriters like Carly Paige, Katie Pruitt, and Dominique Arciero. Songs like “Just a Little Rain,” “Don’t Believe in Me,” and “Nobody’s Breaking Your Heart '' not only find Starr confronting her own demons but, perhaps more importantly, holding herself accountable for her own happiness. Her performances—often recorded solo, in one or two takes—sound loose, free, and unburdened by her past, no matter how heavy the subject matter. That, she says, is all down to the women she wrote with. “When I’m writing for myself, all that baggage is always there. I always have to navigate that regardless. But when I write with other people, they’re not bringing that baggage to the situation,” Starr says. “I was able to access some pain, some sadness, some joy. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to walk into that dark corner by myself. I had to go there with somebody else.”

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