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Grant Lee Phillips


Audiences first discovered Phillips' thoughtful, literate songwriting in context of the rock band Grant Lee Buffalo, a trio which found success with the 1993 debut Fuzzy. The title track catapulted the group to international recognition. Grant Lee Buffalo followed up Fuzzy with 1994's Mighty Joe Moon (an album featuring the modern rock hit "Mockingbirds") and two more well-received full-lengths, 1996’s Copperopolis and 1998's Jubilee. Beginning with his 2000 solo debut Ladies' Love Oracle, Phillips opened another chapter in his career, as a folk- and Americana-focused artist crafting songs and stories rich with details and humanity.

Maintaining this sturdy through-line between the past and present gives Phillips' music emotional heft. His newest album, All That You Can Dream is no exception. "I'm driven by the potential of making a connection," he says. "Finding that place where the listener is able to engage by way of their own experience and what I'm bringing to the table. We’ve experienced some staggering events over the last year or so. When people speak of those things, it's not enough to simply highlight or underline the headlines of the day. The aim is to tap into the feelings that we share that are trapped beneath our skin—and figure out how we expel those feelings by talking about them."

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