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Heather Mae


Heather Mae, the award-winning social justice singer-songwriter, bares her soul through music, inviting listeners into a shared space of vulnerability. Her unfiltered honesty, both on and off stage, has cultivated a devoted fanbase and earned her prestigious awards like the 2017 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriter Showcase and NERFA’s 2021 Artist-Activist of the Year.

In her 2019 release, "Glimmer," Heather Mae crafts a luminescent masterpiece, drawing parallels to vocal powerhouses Adele and Sara Bareilles. With storytelling depth reminiscent of Florence Welch, the record uniquely centers on mental health, each lyric revealing a portrait of resilience and self-discovery.

As Mae prepared to unveil her first post-pandemic record, she confronted the gender disparity in music production, with only 4% being women. In 2023, she became a catalyst for change, collaborating with a formidable team of women in Nashville to produce two dynamic albums. Leading the charge in queer songwriting, Heather Mae is poised to make a resounding impact with both groundbreaking records slated for release in 2024, ensuring her place on everyone's musical radar.

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