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John Fullbright


"lf you can't say it, you don't have to," sings John Fullbright on "Bearden 1645," the opening track to his new record "The Liar" which has been out for a year. "The Liar" was recorded at Steve and Charlene Ripley's farm-to-studio compound in northeastern Oklahoma. "lt was such a collaborative thing with some really cool voices," Fullbright said, expressing surprise at the ease of the process. "lt's just like playing music in Tulsa. Everybody kind of does whatever they do, 

and it works."

ln "The Liar" the power dynamic has shifted. "God, grant me whiskey," Fullbright sings, "and I promise l'll be good." lt's all done with a wink and a nod, less like a prayer and more like a request of Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

The sentiment is real, but the words are false. He's still telling essential truths, which was always his gift, but this time they're a little more slant. So is Fullbright as a songwriter a liar in his own estimation?

"What I love about songwriting is you're the hero in your own story, most of the time, and I think that's very human," he said. "But short answer: yes."

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