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Madeline Hawthorne


Sporting a wide brimmed black hat atop long curly blonde locks, guitar in hand, fire in her voice, and stories in her heart, Madeline Hawthorne asserts herself as a 21st century troubadour. An intriguing journey gives her songs a novelist’s level of depth and detail, while unbridled attitude and wide-eyed adventurousness turn every show into a celebration. After building buzz independently, packing shows, and honing her craft, the Montana-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist welcomes everyone into her world on a series of 2023 singles and much more to come.

"I hope that people feel something when they listen to my songs.” she notes. “Maybe the energy of the tune brings a smile to their face, maybe they connect with one of the characters in my stories. Either way, I want people to have a good time at our live shows and I hope they can take away something from the music."

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