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Mike Kinnebrew


The son of a Baptist preacher and a nurse, Mike Kinnebrew’s childhood was spread across the southeast until his family put down roots in Atlanta, GA when he was fourteen. Swimming in chaos during his teenage years, Mike found focus as well as a sense of purpose in music. In his own words: “Even as a kid, I was mesmerized by the way a song could reach out and grab you by the heart–or by the throat. I wanted to write songs that would do that.”

Kinnebrew’s music can best be described as Indie folk fueled by the soulful inspiration to engage in the war with art itself. Announced to the stage by his children, Emma and Turner, and accompanied by his wife, Linds, Mike Kinnebrew’s sense of family washes over the audience as he plays, leaving them at the end, feeling a little less alone. 

Mike’s first album: Between the Living and Dying, was recorded at the famed Smoakstack studio in Nashville. His second album: One Way to Find Out (Live at Eddie’s Attic), was performed with the studio band from Smoakstack. Both projects were produced by Paul Moak. Mike continues to perform regularly throughout the southeast.

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