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Red Harp


Red Harp is an American rock band from Alabama with old folk tendencies and new punk roots. Fronted by girl/guy duet harmonies and backed by an eclectic blend of instrumentation and styles – Red Harp, or The Red Harp Family Band, has been pushing the boundaries of southern musical originality and continue to make good on their vow to never write the same song twice.

Garret Kelly (guitar/vocals) put in the time to master his craft. He spent years touring North America and has shared the bill with the likes of; Counting Crows,

Big Thief, and Damien Rice. The release of 'The Heartfelt E.P.' showcases the versatility of his penmanship both on paper and on the fretboard, composing duets with wife, Katie Kelly (vocals/keys) and using the constant supply of inspiration from fellow musicians, Lori Cheng (cello/organ), Griffin Price (bass), & Kit Goldschmidt (drums) - Red Harp is the outlet for an ever-steady supply of creative vision and gripping lyrical song writing.

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