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Sarah & Shannon


Sarah & Shannon are no strangers to the music industry. Together they span decades of hard work, songwriting, touring, and perseverance.

Shannon’s (Shannon LaBrie) undeniable voice and musicianship have been described as “nothing short of breathtaking” by American Songwriter and NPR added her heroic anthem “Firewalker” to their Top 20 of 2020. 

Sarah Holbrook and her three sisters make up the genre-twisting spellbinding band SHEL with whom she wrote and performed for over 15 years. As a violinist and multi-instrumentalist she has earned her way onto stages with Amos Lee, Michelle Branch, Emmylou Harris and more.

As a duo they span genres, coasting in and out of LaBrie’s soulfulness and Holbrook’s folk roots and unveiling a whole new phenomenon in the blend of their distinctive vocal tonalities and the arsenals of instruments they play.

If the past is any indication of what’s to come, Sarah & Shannon are well on their way to proving they are more emboldened and determined than ever. 

The “folk soul” duo is set to release their debut record Spring 2024.

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