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Vicki Peterson & John Cowsill


Vicki Peterson and John Cowsill have been married for 20 years and playing music together for…maybe two.

Vicki is a founding member of the 1980’s group The Bangles, one of the most successful bands of that decade. She later wrote and performed with her good friend (and eventual sister-in-law) Susan Cowsill as The Psycho Sisters; the duo soon found themselves absorbed into the New Orleans’ songwriters collective The Continental Drifters, and remain with them today. The Bangles reunited in the 21st century to release four more albums, including a collection of rarities, and a collaboration with the Los Angeles bands Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade and the

Three O’Clock.

John began working in clubs, singing and playing drums with his brothers when he was seven years old. The band grew to include their mother and little sister and The Cowsills became a sensation in the late 1960’s, enjoying several Top 20 hits. In 1981 John did some session work, landing on the Tommy Tutone hit, “867-5309 (Jenny)” and recorded and toured with Dwight Twilley. He also toured with Jan and Dean before becoming a mainstay of the Beach Boys touring band, playing guitar, piano, and finally sitting at the drum kit for over 20 years.

Vicki and John, along with their friend actor/musician Bill Mumy recorded three albums as The Action Skulls, including a pandemic-themed bluegrass record and their latest, From A Running Horse, released just this year. A tribute to two of John’s late brothers, Bill and Barry, both of whom were stellar songwriters, is in the works, with John and Vicki switching off on lead vocals and weaving their beautiful harmonies throughout. This album, Long After the Fire, will be released in 2024.







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